UK Price sheet

Customer prices - UKCommentPrice
Carrier services
Voice to UK networksPer minute8 p
Voice to non UK networksSee seperate sheet 
Minimum charge voiceLess than 1 minute8 p
Text messages to UK networksPer text4 p
Text to non UK networksPer Text16 p
Calls to VoicemailPer minute8 p
Calls to 0800 or 0500Per minute8 p
Calls to 0845, 0870, 0844Per minute12 p
Calls to premium rate 090 numbersPer minute10p to £3.00 (varies)
MMSPer MMS23 p
WAPGSM per minute8 p
GPRS/3G dataPer Mbyte5 p
Video calls Currently not supported-
Other services  
Call transter To a UK number per minute8 p
Call transfer to voicemailTo 2220 p
A-number serviceSubscription0 p
Call WaitingSubscription0 p
Automatic top-upSubscription0 p
Text top-upSubscription0 p
Family Budget
Subscription0 p
Refund of balanceAdministration Fee

£ 5

Text balancePer request4 p